Elektra na GAST 2019 – Italian Espresso Coffee Machines since generations

Commitment, creativity and initiative are the characteristics which clearly distinguish Elektra , owned by the Fregnan family since 1947, where tradition and innovative concepts intertwine with outstanding results.
Elektra’s mission is to supply top quality traditional Espresso coffee machines with an elegant and refined design as to effectively make it a “multi-purpose interior design element”.
To meet its mission, the company responds to every need with specific models for homes, bars / cafes, restaurants and hotels.
Elektra considers the human factor irreplaceable, for this reason, bases its manufacturing techniques on the finest craftsmanship values combined with the highest technological innovation.
Every Elektra espresso coffee machine is a result of extensive study with the aim and the desire to innovate for a successful product that is synonymous of the Italian quality excellence.
At the 24th GAST 2019 International Fair Elektra will be al booth 40 with its unique Belle Epoque.
Very original in its vertical development, the Belle Epoque is an espresso coffee maker from the inimitable class where beauty blends with the functionality and reliability. Shape and material give it a distinct personality ideal for embellishing the choreography of fine-dining.
In Elektra there is a habit: believing that the details make the difference.